Our Founder Bro.Fortunatus

Bro. Fortunatus Thanhauser was born in Berlin ( Germany) on 27 February 1918 and entered the Hospitaller Order of St.John of God on 27 May 1935. In his life he experienced  a meeting with the merciful Jesus and he discovered his Vocation to serve the sick, the homeless and the needy. This brought him to India, in 1969, where he initiated the beginning of the Hospitaller Order of St.John of God in the southern state of India, Kerala at Kattappana. With a true and solid love he founded hospitals and houses of welcome for the moribund and for needy children. The life of Bro. Fortunatus was always oriented to the welfare and salvation of all he met, especially the most needy. The spirit of fortitude, adventure, renunciation, love, self-giving and total consecration to God are found in this great man who paved the way 

Bro. Fortunatus, the father of the poor, was called by God for his eternal reward on 21 November 2005.

Bro. Fortunatus. (1918 - 2005)

    • The great lover of God
    • The neighbor for whom every sick person was Christ, every sick bed the Alter and the sick room chapel.
    • The founder and inspirer of the Hospitaller order of St.John of God Brothers.
    • The founder and father of the congregation of sisters of Charity of St.John of God.
    • The beginner of many projects and programs including Housing Scheme, Pratheeksha Bhavan (home for the aged and chronically sick orphans), Mother and Child Health Programme, Financial Assistance for the poor, Sponsorship for Education, Medicine for the poor patients, Poor Feeding (Mid-day meals for the poor), Goat project, Cloth distribution, etc.
    • The founder of St. John's Hospital and Nursing schools.
    • Born as a German in Berlin and died as an Indian at Kattappana in Kerala.
    • 'Valliyachan' of the high range people of Idukki District.