Hospitaller Vocation and Formation

The  congregation had its origin based on the special call to be a contemporary witness to Jesus Christ, who prayed in the mountains, announced the good news to the poor, healed the sick and the wounded, converted sinners, blessed the infants, and did good to all ( cf.LG.46 )
Hospitaller vocation is a special call with in the religious vocation. The apostolate is always with the suffering people, there fore if not deeply motivated by divine love and not well organized in life it will be difficult to live with inner tranquility of the consecrated life. There fore the formation is based on

  • Self knowledge
  • Religious commitment
  • Community life
  • Deep God experience

The areas of formation include:

  • Human formation
  • Spiritual formation
  • Hospitaller formation
  • Intellectual formation
  • Fraternal and apostolic formation
  • Cultural and literary formation

Stages of formation:
A) Initial

  • Aspirancy - It is to assist the young candidate in the path of vocational discernment by accompaniment.
  • Postulancy - It enables the candidate to grow towards human and emotional maturity, deepening call making it more firm according to the special charism of the congregation.
  • Novitiate - It is the foundation of religious life and a period of intense formation. It is an initiation to the true and proper life of the congregation.
  • Juniorate - It is a period during which the newly professed religious learns the meaning and depth of consecrated life and through life experience prepares for perpetual profession.

B) On Going
It is constant responses to the renewal activities of the Holy Spirit till death.